• How do I get in touch with a real person?

WanderStone Jewelry Co. is a one woman show! Email us at and I will personally get back to you within 24hrs. 

  • When will my order be shipped?

All orders are processed within 2 to 7 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). After receiving your order confirmation email, you will receive another notification email with tracking information once your order is ready to ship. 


  • Do you offer International Shipping?

Our International Shipping is limited to Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. When completing your order, you will be given the option to purchase Route Package Protection for as little as $1.95. We highly recommend opting in to insure your international package! Route will reimburse you if your package happens to become lost, stolen, or broken during transit.


  • Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Since a majority of our products are handmade, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges at this time. We strive to provide a great experience for all of our customers! With that being said, please inspect your order upon reception and email us immediately at if the item is defective, you are unsatisfied, or you have received the wrong item, so that we can evaluate the issue and make it right.


  •  The Charmed Chokers are listed as 12"-14", 14”-16” OR 16”-18”, am I able to have the length adjusted?

Yes! Just send us an email right after you make your purchase. Please include your order number and the length you would like (example: 10", 18”, or 20”). I am more than happy to adjust it to your needs! If you need help figuring out which Choker length is best for you click here


  • Are all of your products handmade?

I personally handcraft the Charmed Chokers & Wire Wrapped Pendants! But the short answer is no, not ALL of our products are handcrafted. I operate my business with honesty and integrity. If an item is handmade, the listing will be sure to include that it is "Handcrafted by WanderStone Jewelry Co."


  • Are your crystals "ethically sourced"?

I source the majority of our crystals from vendors that I have made connections with at Gem & Mineral Shows. Though I do my absolute best to mindfully and consciously select my vendors, I don’t feel comfortable claiming they are 100% ethically sourced due to the fact that I can’t guarantee the specific origin of where each and every crystal is mined. I don't mine the crystals myself, therefore it is nearly impossible to know for sure exactly where each crystal has been mined from.


  •  How can I be sure that your Moldavite is real and authentic?

All of our Moldavite is sourced from a legitimate Moldavite vendor of over 15 years and came with a Certificate of Authenticity upon its arrival to us. These Moldavite pieces are guaranteed 100% to stand up to any full length certified lab testing, including GIA. The certificate will be on the individual Moldavite listing. Feel free to look into where we source our Moldavite using the photo of the certificate. By doing a little bit of research you will easily find that we source our Moldavite from a VERY trustworthy company that has been around for a very long time.


  • What is "Route Package Protection" and why should I purchase it?

Route is a 3rd party company that provides protection for packages that are lost, broken, or stolen. For as little as $1.95 you can insure your package and easily file a claim/receive a refund if your package happens to become lost, stolen, or broken during shipping.


  • Where is WanderStone Jewelry Co. located?

We are located in beautiful Northern Arizona! All of our packages will be shipped out of Arizona. We do not have a store front. All business is done through our website.


  • Where can I find out about restocks, upcoming launches, and promos?

The best way to stay in the loop is to be following our Instagram! Instagram is where I post all the info on restocks, upcoming launches, and current promo codes. It's also the best place for me to keep in contact with all of you.


  • Who is the face of WanderStone Jewelry Co.?

Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Kestrel and I'm a full-time artist based out of Flagstaff, Arizona. At the start of my spiritual journey I was drawn to crystals and their healing properties. I had finally found my creativity and true calling when crystals were introduced into my daily life. I wanted to share that with like-minded individuals. So, with a new found love for crystals and a passion to run my own business, I created WanderStone Jewelry Co. This business is my baby, my heart & soul, and has been the most rewarding path I’ve ever taken. I am beyond grateful to share this journey and my creations with fellow crystal lovers. 

Besides running my dream business, I enjoy spending time with my two cats, visiting spooky locations, and collecting antiques & oddities of all sorts.

A huge thank you to my Instagram followers who have continuously shown me an unconditional amount of love and support. Without my lovely customers I wouldn't be able to turn my dreams into a reality. And for that I am forever grateful 💕

  • Where can I read your full Shipping and Return Policies?

Please click here to be directed to our full Policies page


  •  Where can I read your Privacy Policy?

Please click here to be directed to our Privacy Policy



Updated: 12/10/2023