Which Charmed Choker length is best for me?

We want to make sure that your Charmed Choker fits beautifully when it arrives to you! Please use the guide below to determine which length is right for you.

The handcrafted Charmed Chokers are listed as either 12”-14” OR 14”-16”. It is important to select the correct length when placing your order. After following the steps below, if you are in need of a Choker length that is larger than 16”, feel free to send us an email! I am more than happy to adjust it to your needs.

Measuring the right Choker length for you 

  • Start by finding a household item such as a string, shoelace, dental floss etc. 
  • Next, take your string and wrap it around your neck (not too tight!). Using your finger, make a note of where the two ends meet.

  • Then, take a ruler or tape measure and measure the length of the string that wrapped fully around your neck. This should give you the minimum inches that your Choker must be to fit comfortably (usually anywhere from 12” to 20”).

You can also skip the above steps by just using a ruler or a tape measure to measure the length of a Choker you already own that fits comfortably.

Note: Always size up! When wearing a Choker-length necklace, it is important to make sure that it fits comfortably and isn’t so tight that it hinders your breathing.